List of Ports in Korea in 2022

There are few to Ports in Korea that has been listed here with their contact number and address detail.  South Korea is an island nation in East Asia and it’s a developed country. It showed remarkable economic growth from the 1980s through the 1990s and is today the 10th largest economy in the world.

Ports in korea

The country’s a technological giant and home to iconic multinational companies like Samsung, Hyundai and Kia Motors among others. Being an island nation, South Korea has many ports. We have listed the leading sea ports of South Korea below.

Top  in Korea

Port of Busan

Busan is South Korea’s major port and it has five areas — the North Port, the South Port, Gamcheon Port, Dadaepo Port and Busan New Port.The North Port is the main harbour and it’s a deep water port. The outer harbour is meant for container cargoes and fishing cargoes. The major exports are cement and oil while the imports are machinery and timber.

Port Authority: Busan Port Authority
Address: 79-9, Jungan-Dong 4GA, Jung-Gu, Busan 600-016, Korea, South
Phone: 82-51-999-3000

Port of Daesan

Daesan is in the north of the Taesan peninsula and to the south of Incheon. The port also has a refinery. The port has three complexes with one being managed by Samsung and the other two by Hyundai. The facilities available are break bulk, liquid, dry bulk and LPG. The port also offers offshore SBM.

Port Authority: Daesan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries
Address: 42 Hongcheonro (Jamheung-dong), Seosan-si, Daesan, Chuncheongnam-do, Korea, South
Phone: +82-41-660-7700
Fax: +82-41-663-0356

Mukho Harbor

Mukho is on South Korea’s east coast. The port is protected by a breakwater and a groyne. The port is an export hub and its major exports are anthracite, coal, graphite, and cement. The facilities available at the port are break bulk, dry bulk, passenger, and multipurpose operations.

Port Authority: Donghae Regional Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office
Address: 806 Cheongok-dong, Donghae City, Gangwon 240-716, Korea, South
Phone: 033-533-3011
Fax: 033-533-1415

Port of Gunsan (Kunsan)

This port is near the mouth of Kum Kang and it’s situated on Korea’s south bank. The port has berths for private passenger, bulk, vehicle, general and tanker. The port has recently added two container berths and a fishing port. The facilities offered are break bulk, dry bulk, liquid, and container.

Port Authority: Gunsan Regional Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office
Address: 1530-5 Soryong-dong, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do 573-882, Korea, South
Phone: 82-63-441-2222
Fax: 82-63-441-2351

Port of Kwangyang

It’s a small port—a subport of Yeosu. A few large ships anchor here occasionally. The port is separated into three areas—one for container terminals, the Kwangyang port of the Gwyanyang region and the Gwangyang Port of the Yeosu region. The port handles steel exports and imports of coal and oil.

Port Authority: Yeosu Regional Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office
Address: 335-1 Sujeong-dong, Yeosu City 550-705, Korea, South
Phone: 061-650-6000
Fax: 061-654-2358

Port of Incheon

Situated at River Han’s, the Incheon port has a good dock facilities. The port has the outer and inner harbours. The outer harbour is divided into the South and North Harbours. The facilities available are break bulk, container, liquid, dry bulk, passenger, LPG & LNG handling, and multipurpose operations.

Address: Seohaero 193 (1-17 7(chil)-ga Hang-dong), Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea, South
Phone: 032-880-6114
Fax: 032-880-6114

Port of Jeju (Cheju)

Situated along the north coast of the Jeju Island, the port was formerly called the Cheju port. Protected by two breakwaters, the port’s main exports are livestock, millet, barley, eggs and marine products. The major imports are rice, wheat, sugar, salt, liquors, tobacco and petroleum.
Port Authority: Jeju Regional Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office,

Address: Korea, South,
Phone: 064 720 2600
Fax: 064 752 2163

Port of Masan

A natural harbour, the Port of Masan’s strategic location makes it a major hub in the Pacific region. It has a prominent role in handling container carriers operating between China, Japan and the rest of SE Asia. The major imports handled by the port are ore, oil, timber, scrap metal, etc. and the exports are machinery and vehicles.

Port Authority: Masan Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office
Address: 1-5 Wolpo-dong, Masan-su 631-709, Korea, South
Phone: 055-249-0303
Fax: 055-245-0885

Port of Mokpo

This port is strategically located on the Korean Peninsula’s south west tip. The port has several berth areas like Samhak handling export cargo and passengers passing along islands nearby. The North Port is meant primarily for ship building. The port is being developed for exporting vehicles.

Port Authority: Mokpo Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office
Address: 1101 Okam-Dong, Mokpo city 530-831, Korea, South
Phone: 82-61-280-1700
Fax: 82-61-280-1616

Port of Okgye

Located on Biseon Jang’s south west side, Okgye is a privately owned port. The port started operations in 1997 and it handles cargo from cement factories located nearby. The port is run by Jusucheon and it has sweet fish and salmons nearby that are exported. The port is comparatively a smaller one.

Port Authority: Donghae Regional Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office
Address: 606 Songjung-dong, Donghae City, Gangneung 240-716, Korea, South
Phone: 033-520-0400
Fax: 033-522-1390


South Korea is a major world economy which is globalized making large exports. The ports here are well developed and busy hubs of vibrant economic activities. Our list covers brief details of the ports along with their contact details.


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