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Danmar Line came into existence in early 1985 in the city of Guatemala. Being a family-owned agency, giving full-agency and husbandry services for liner and tramp vessels, the Company has grown tremendously over time.  With the growth of the customer base, it got new opportunities to expand into other logistical sectors.  Other than traditional maritime services, its range of services includes air cargo services, cargo inspections, NVOCC operations, and third-party container management, and other logistics services.  As the constantly changing Guatemala market and regulations in it, throw constant challenges to any logistics company, Danmar has created unique solutions for them and helped them in sending their cargoes to different destinations.

Services available

Maritime Services –  As a logistics provider,  Danmar continuously acts as a provider of services, which include the following services, such as;

  1. Marketing and sales
  2. Documentation and administration
  3. Accounting and Finance
  4. Operations
  5. Equipment control and logistics

Husbandry services – The company provides complete husbandry and protective agency services for the entire city-Guatemala.  Its local market expertise and close relationship with the authorities of the ports have earned the Company great advantages in giving right logistical solutions.

Air Cargo services –  As it acts as a general sales agent and general handling agent, Danmar gives complete advantages in carrying air cargo services with a complete range of benefits;

  1. Dedicated marketing and sales opportunities
  2. Dedicated GHA services in the airport handling of the cargo
  3. Administration and documentation
  4. Finance and accounting

Logistics Services

Logistics services are available in the following areas;

  1. Trucking
  2. Cargo inspections
  3. Logistics services for difficult projects
  4. Container yard services
  5. Distribution and warehousing services
  6. Customer brokerage services
  7. ISO tanks logistics management services
  8. Freight forwarding services

Tracking your Danmar Lines

The Danmar Lines provided its online tracking tool to check the shipment status. Enter the tracking number below and click on the Submit button.

  1. Write in detail mentioning the reference number or container number.
  2. Click on the “Submit” button below.
  3. You would get the complete details about the whereabouts of your cargo in transit.
Tracking Number    

Call Customer Support to Track 

Another easy option to check your shipment is to give a call to Damar Lines customer services, provide them the tracking number and they will provide the up-to-date status of your shipment.

  1. Call to the (502) 2329-6000​
  2. Provide your tracking number to the support team.
  3. They will provide the current shipment status of your goods instantly.

Headquarter Address

Danmar S.A.
15 Calle 3-20 Zona 10
Edificio Centro Ejecutivo
Guatemala City, Guatemala

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